About GlobalHotelNetwork.com

Robert Harp

Founder, CEO & Publisher


Founded in 2000, GlobalHotelNetwork.com represents Travel & Tourism's public & private sector globally. Our Members include over 25 CEOs, Chairmans and Presidents (and their C-Suite) of the world’s leading hotel companies and a worldwide network of 100 highly respected hotel Investment Advisors and Thought Leaders from a variety of disciplines.

As a Trusted Voice in the Travel & Tourism sector (a major economic engine in most societies), GlobalHotelNetwork.com conducts interviews with CEOs, publishes market reports/thought leadership columns and sponsors over 50 hotel investment conferences in every region of the world.

Our priorities are 1) providing hotel investment and operations insights on regions/countries/cities worldwide, 2) offering a global platform for sharing high level intelligence and ideas 3) recognizing the good work of CSR initiatives, and 4) fostering industry innovation and entrepreneurship.

GlobalHotelNetwork.com is a Media Sponsor of 50+ Industry Conferences, held annually in the Americas, Asia Pacific, Europe, Middle East, Africa, Latin America & Caribbean.

A first mover in digital publishing, GlobalHotelNetwork.com, was founded shortly after Google & Paypal (1998) & Alibaba (1999) and existed before Pandora (2000), TripAdvisor (2000), iPod (2001), MailChimp (2001), iTunes (2001), LinkedIn (2002), iTunes Music Store (2003), Wordpress (2003), Skype (2003), Facebook (2004), Yelp (2004), YouTube (2005), Twitter (2006), iPhone (2007), Tumblr (2007), App Store (2008), Spotify (2008), Uber (2009), WhatsApp (2009), iPad (2010), Instagram (2010), WeChat (2011), SnapChat (2011), Kindle (2011), Google+ (2011) & Alexa (2014).